Q: What are the system requirements?

You need laptop or tablet to use Kellota Timing Gates. Labtop or tablet must have at least one USB connection. Supported operating systems are LinuxChrome OsMac OS X or Windows 10. You must have  Google Chrome browser installed.

Q: Where to get software?

Kellota Timing Gate software is implement as a Chrome App. You freely download it from Chrome Web Store. You must have Google Chrome browser installed, before installing the app.

Q: How to launch application?

You can find Kellota Timing software from Google App launcher. Just click the icon and application will start.


Q: How does the software work?

If you had Kellota Timng device connected to your USB port, it is automatically detected and window below is shown. If it can't be found or it isn't connectd, yuo must manually select correct serial port and then click connect.

In test setup window, you can give name for your test session, define how many times timing gates will be triggered per test and select file where the results are saved. The test results are saved as a comma separated values, so you can easily analyze using your favorite tools.



When you have filled in generic test details, you can start testing. You can fill in basic details for the athlete and then click Start.




When green bar wit READY text is shown on the window below, system is reday to start measuring. Perform the test, give optional comment and click NEXT when ready.