Kellota Timing Gates.

Easy sports tracking.



Kellota Timing Gates is a perfect solution for speed and agility testing. Coaches and athletes can easily test, analyze and reflect training based on the testing results. The solution is easy to use and it is a great tool for any level of athletes.

Kellota Timing Gates contains all you need for the testing. Tests are easy to set-up and all the results are directly saved to the tablet or laptop.

Use with tablet

You can use Timing Gate with tablet. Buy the whole package from here!

Timing Gate Software

You can read the FAQ for details about the software used by Timing Gate.

Supports your favourite OS!

Timing Gate currently supports Windows 10, Linux, Chrome Os and Mac OS X.

Speed/Agility Testing

Use Timing Gate to monitor the progress of speed and agility


If you need additional gear, you can buy them here!.

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